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Dora Hall LP Discography

Dora’s albums are hard to keep track of, seeing as they were repeatedly re-issued with different titles, on different labels, and with different covers. Nonetheless, we believe this to be complete…if anyone out there has any other titles, please let us know.

Children For Dora Hall! (Cozy)
Country Western (Premore)
...AKA Dora Hall Peels Potatoes Country Style (Cozy)
...AKA Singin’ In The Sunshine (Cozy)
...AKA Pop Country (Premore)
Dora’s World (Premore)
Down At Papa Joe’s (Premore)
The Great Country Hits Series 1 (Premore)
The Great Country Hits Series 2 (Premore)
Imagine That (Premore)
Once Upon A Tour (Cozy; Premore)
One More Time (Cozy; Premore)
Remember (Premore)
Rose on Broadway (Premore)
Swing Jazz (Premore)
Today’s Great Hits (Dot)
...AKA Great Hits (Cozy; Premore)
...AKA Top of The Chart Hits (Reinbeau)
Top Teen Tunes (Premore)
Trampin’ (Cozy)
...AKA Tramping (Premore)
Travelin’ With Dora Hall (Premore)