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Dora Hall Discography
7" Singles

This list is certainly not complete, and further information and additions are most definitely welcome. While these records came out on a variety of supposedly different labels, the consistent incompetence of the typesetting department and the utterly bizarre catalog numbering indicate that all of these "labels" are in fact, thinly-disguised Solo Cups subsidiaries. Compiling an accurate and complete Dora Hall singles discography is nearly impossible, as A-sides and B-sides were assigned and reassigned in a random, seemingly endless variety of configurations.

All He'd Say Is Umh Hum / Barefootin' (Cozy)
All Shook Up / Roll Over Beethoven (Cozy)
Bill Bailey / So Long Baby** (Premore)
Bill Bailey Won't You Please Come Home? / Someday (Calamo)
Blue Suede Shoes / Rock Medley (Cozy)
Born To Lose / I Wanna Be Around (Calamo)
Bread And Butter / ? (Calamo)
Carolina In My Mind / I Heard It Through The Grapevine (Cozy)
Cousin Of Mine / Funny (Calamo)
Cousin Of Mine / We'll Sing In The Sunshine (Calamo)
Crazy / I Won't Give Him Up (Reinbeau)
Cum Saw Saw Du Vra Et / I Wanna Be Around (Calamo)
Did He Call Today Mama / Here Comes The Heartache (Premore)
Did He Call Today Mama / I Won't Give Him Up (Reinbeau; Calamo)
Did He Call Today Mama / Hello Happiness (Calamo)
Down The Road To Nowhere / Engine #9 (Reinbeau)
Downtown / Over And Over (Reinbeau)
Everybody Loves Somebody/Under The Boardwalk (Premore)
Flowers On The Wall / So Long Baby (Reinbeau)
Franklin Street / I Wanna Be Around (Calamo)
Franklin Street / New Boy (Cozy)
Great Big Friendly Town Chicago / Waiting For The Robert E. Lee (Premore)
Green Door / Here Comes The Heartache (Calamo)
Hello Faithless / You've Got Me Crying Again (Premore)
Hello Faithless / New Boy (Calamo)
Hello Faithless / ? (King)
Hello Faithless / Engine Engine #9 (Reinbeau)
Herman Take Me Home*** / You Call Everybody Darling***(Drum Boy)
Hoochi-Koochi / I Don't Want Your Kisses (Premere)
How Does That Grab You Darlin'? / Engine Engine #9 (Reinbeau)
I Believe In You / I [sic] Lonesome Me (Great Country Hits)
I Got You Babe / Hang On Sloopy (Reinbeau)
It's A Sin To Tell A Lie / Funny (Calamo)
It's A Sin To Tell A Lie / Hotel Happiness (Reinbeau)
Just My Style / I Like It Like That (Reinbeau)
King Of The Road* / How's My Baby Tonight (Reinbeau)
King Of The Road / Born To Lose (Reinbeau)
King Of The Road / Are You Lonesome Tonight (Cozy)
King Of The Road / Rescue Me (Reinbeau)
Let Me Tell You Baby / Too Bad (Reinbeau)
Little Girl From Greenwood Georgia / Tutti Frutti (Cozy)
Mr. Squiff and Mr. Squee / I Like To Ride My Bike (Cozy)
Pretty Boy / Time To Say Goodbye (Reinbeau)
Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree / Blue Christmas (Calamo)
Satisfaction / 5 O'Clock World (Reinbeau)
Saturday Night At The Movies / Two Tickets To Paradise (Reinbeau)
Saturday Night At The Movies / Don't Let The Sun Catch You Crying (Calamo)
Secret Of My Success / I Won't Give Him Up (Reinbeau)
So Long Baby / Kiss Me Again (Calamo)
Something's Goin' On / It's All Over (Calamo)
These Boots Are Made For Walking / Daydream (Reinbeau)
This Old Earth / Party Line (Reinbeau)
This Old Earth* / How's My Baby Tonight* (Reinbeau)
Tony The Pony [6-song 7" EP with picture sleeve] (Cozy)
Two Tickets To Paradise / I'll Always Be In Love (Calamo)
We'll Sing In The Sunshine / Engine Engine #9 (Reinbeau)
We'll Sing In The Sunshine / It's All Over (Calamo)
We'll Sing In The Sunshine / No One (Calamo)
We'll Sing In The Sunshine / Time To Say Goodbye (Premore)
Wonderful Child / Let There Be Peace (Cozy; Premore)

*Credited to "Dorothy Hall"
**Credited to "Dora Hall and the Solo Cups"
***Credited to "Dora Hall and the Hall Room Boys"

Picture sleeves
In addition to the occassional special sleeve for one of Dora's 7" releases, Solo's shill record companies often used stock Dora Hall sleeves for more than one release. Reinbeau had a one-sided, cheaply printed, blue, black & white "Enroll Me As A Member of the Dora Hall Fan Club" sleeve that came complete with a coupon that could be sent in to join the club and "receive future club releases, at no cost, for evaluation." The coupon also asked the Dora Hall listener to list the titles they already owned and note which they preferred! (The Dora Hall Fan Club address was 1647 E. 75th St., Chicago IL 60649, an address which does not correspond to any of the usual Solo/Dora Hall locations.) Another stock sleeve also used by Reinbeau was a glossy two-sided job with no text...just a full-color shot of the smiling Dora in a white sweater and pearl earrings.